West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Parade

Let’s have a “Reverse Parade”

at WV Pumpkin Park

Parade participants will be lined up concession row and spectators will drive thru. Please encourage your churches, groups, businesses and organizations to set up a Stationary Float. Candy to be given to children in the cars driving by.

Parade Rules


The Reverse Parade participants will be set up along the sides of concession row and the spectators will drive through the park.


The theme for the Reverse Parade is “THE MASKED PUMPKIN”.


Every entry must be set up in a manner that the craftsmanship creates a neat, decorative and creative effect. Remember that the spectators will be in moving cars and design your display to be seen easily from a car. 


Each entrant is encouraged to distribute treats to children. Treats should be distributed using Personal protective equipment (mask, gloves etc.).


Treats must be packaged in a manner that can be distributed in a contactless manner, via baggies or cups on a tray, etc. 


Parade participants shall utilize mask and observe social distancing guidelines. 


Any group or individual can build an entry and participate if all rules and regulations are followed. 


All entries must be completed and ready by 1 pm and remain until given the go ahead to tear down.


All entrants must obey the instructions of the Parade Officials in order to provide an orderly and successful event.


Display spots are available on a first come first serve basis and will be arranged by the WV Pumpkin Festival staff. Please pre-register to aid us in the line-up process.


For questions call Gary Cooper (304) 743-9159


Contact Pumpkin Park

Phone: 304-743-8774


Visit Pumpkin Park

1 Pumpkin Way

Milton, WV 25541, USA