West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Parade

WV Pumpkin Festival Parade to be held on the streets of Milton, WV

Parade Route:

Parade Rules


  1. Every float must have constructed sides. Craftsmanship on every float must produce a neat, decorative and creative effect.
  2. Any group or individual can build or obtain a float from any source and enter it in the WV Pumpkin Festival Parade if all rules and regulations are met.
  3. The Parade Float application for competitive entries must be completed and returned to the Parade Committee.
  4. All vehicles used for pulling floats MUST have prior approval.
  5. All floats MUST be in the line-up area by 9:00 A.M. in order to be judged for the Queen’s Choice Trophy. Once in line, the driver MUST remain with the float at all times.
  6. All entrants must obey the instructions of the Parade Officials in order to provide even movement of the parade as a whole. These officials will be properly identified and have the authority to disqualify or eject anyone from the parade.
  7. A distance of 40 to 60 feet MUST be maintained between any two entries.
  8. Floats MUST NOT stop during the parade unless the entire procession has come to a halt.
  9. In case of mechanical difficulties, the entry MUST be moved to the side and out of the parade flow as quickly as possible to prevent gaps in the parade.
  10. Float riders MUST remain on the float throughout the entire parade. The Parade Committee MUST approve any exceptions.
  11. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in competitive disqualification or ejection from the parade and removal from future invitations.
  12. SAFETY – Any float considered unsafe will not be allowed in the line-up.
  13. Due to crowd control and safety, the WV Pumpkin Festival will assume no responsibility for any object thrown from moving floats, vehicles, or any person or persons in the parade.
  14. The use of alcoholic beverages by drivers, as well as riders, before or during the parade is PROHIBITED.
  15. Safety devices are recommended!!!!
  16. TOWING VEHICLES: Floats must be pulled by vehicles suitable to control the float.
  17. PARADE PACE: All participants must be able to maintain the pace of the parade. No gaps will be allowed. Walkers may step to the side and allow the next unit to pass if needed.
  18. JUDGING: With the exception of the Queen’s Choice Award, judging will take place during the parade with trophies being handed out at the red light at the intersection of Smith Street and Rt. 60.


For questions call Gary Cooper (304) 743-9159


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