Great Lakes Timber Show


The lumberjack show features chainsaw carving, axe throwing, horizontal wood chopping, two-man crosscut sawing, log rolling and loads of humor. Other events can be presented are vertical wood chopping and one man crosscut sawing. The  show employs from 2-4 performers.

Bruce Belanger has never won a lumberjack competition but that does not prevent the founder of the Great Lakes Timber Show from introducing himself as the current and five-time trystate champion.  He has tried in every state and hasn’t won a darn thing although he thinks it helps to have a title to get hired.

The Escamaba, MI native began logrolling when he was 17 years old. He worked with the Hank Peters Lumberjack Show for many years before beginning the Great Lakes Timber Show 20 years ago.

Demand for family entertainment at fairs has increased in the past several years presenting Bruce with abundant opportunities for work. He performs at state and county fairs in the summer and sport shows in the winter.

Traveling is the toughest part of the business but getting laughs from little kids and adults far outweigh the burdens of traveling. Life on the road does have its advantages. Numerous celebrities have appeared at his shows, including two defensive ends for the New York Giants who attempted the logrolling event. He also met his wife at a fair.

The Great Lakes Timber Show has appreared at State Fairs, County Fairs, Theme Parks, Festivals and Sport Shows across the United States for over 20 years. Members of the show have appeared on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, ESPN, CBS This Morning, NBC Today and Good Morning America. The timber show is family freiendly entertainment for all venues large and small.

Johnny Peers’

Muttville Comix

Johnny Peers’ introduction to the circus came at an early age. His father ran a concession stand at the Ringling Circus where Johnny helped out. While working with his father he continually managed to sneak away to watch the clowns and eventually decided to be one. He joined the Ringling Clown College and graduated in 1970. Johnny got his first pup from the Humane Society in 1972, which quickly became part of the show. He continued to pick up dogs over the years and eventually ended up with the troupe of dogs he has today. Each has their own character and attributes, providing for a range of exciting and talented performances, such as jumping rope, climbing ladders, knocking Johnny down and of course walking all over him.

Johnny Peers’ Muttville Comix is a menagerie of mongrels. He has acquired each of these animals through pet shelters.  Any dog can be a good dog. Any animal likes kindness, attention and affection. With a Charlie Chaplin like shuffle, Peers silently plays the fall guy to his mutts. The flawless comic timing, choreography and uncanny collaboration produce a truly great show.

The Muttville Comix have television appearances that include David Letterman, Regis & Kathy Lee, Primetime Live, Travels with Harry and Seinfeld.

Johnny Peers has successfully presented his hilarious comic canine routine from coast to coast and on four continents. He and his doggie ensemble have toured with Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey, The Big Apple Circus, Shrine Circuses, Cruise Boats, Fairs and school programs. The troupe has been featured at Busch Gardens, Circus of the Stars and Disneyland.

Intrepid Helicopter Rides

West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Helicopter Rides


-Helicopter carries 3 passengers and we must have 2 passengers to go

-Weight limit per passenger is 275 lbs and the total weight for all 3 passengers is 600 pounds.

-If the total weight is getting close to 600 pounds or the individual weight is over 200 pounds you will be subject to get on a scale that only we can read. This is for everyone’s safety and to abide by the limits of the aircraft.

-prefer children older than 2 years old and all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardain.

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