WV Pumpkin Festival Vendor Parking Guidelines

We want to welcome all our vendors to the Festival.  We could not do this event without your
participation. We have made a few changes this year based on suggestions by our vendors. By
adhering to a few simple guidelines we can all work together for a better experience.

•        Gates open for all vendors from 7:00 to 8:00 A.M. during the Festival. No vendor vehicle
will be allowed to enter the property after 8:00 AM. All vendor vehicles must be off the property
by 8:30 A.M.

•        Vendor admission will require a ticket or the entry fee for each vendor. Vendors leaving
the park must get their hand stamped for re-entry at a later time.

•        Each vendor/booth space is issued one parking pass. Due to space limitations only one
pass will be issued per each vendor/booth combination no matter how many booths are rented.
Vehicles without passes will be directed to park in the general parking area. Passes are color
coded according to the vendor specialty – Green for Arts & Crafts, Yellow for Business Vendors
and Orange for Concessions. Each color will correspond to a parking area reserved for that
specific color pass.  

•        Handicap Access – Any vendor with special requirements for parking will need to make
arrangements with the Festival in advance. We will provide special parking areas to
accommodate. Please do not use up the guest handicap parking.

•        Trailers for business booth vendors- These trailers may be parked in a designated area in
the yellow vendor lot. Separate areas for trailers used for daily stocking and empty trailers are
provided. We will provide shuttle service throughout the day to assist our business booth
vendors in their re-stocking efforts.

•        Trailers for arts & crafts vendors- Trailers used for re-stocking your booth during the day
may be parked in a designated area inside the fence. These trailers must be in and parked
before 8:00 on Thursday morning. Once parked, they cannot be moved until after closing on
Sunday. Trailers not used for daily stocking may be parked in a designated area outside the

•        Please direct any questions regarding individual or specific needs to the Festival or email
me at mcoop1@suddenlink.net. Also, see phone listings below.

                                Thanks and we will see you at the Festival!!
Lois Mack
Bobbie Damon
Barbara Brooks