Against Bullying

    Hello Educators,

    As a retired teacher and administrator I know the problems you have
    finding field trips that meet educational standards. It is even more difficult
    now that the trip must meet the requirement that the field trip must be
    educational so that instructional time does not have to be made up on
    another day. The West Virginia Pumpkin Festival has the answer to this
    problem. The Pumpkin Festival is an excellent field trip and an
    educational adventure. You WILL NOT be required to make up
    instructional time. The following are just some of the activities that qualify
    as educational:


    All around the Park, you will find age appropriate entertainment for the
    students. The can sing along, interact with questions, dance to the music,
    or just watch.   

    The Lion’s Club of Milton will bring eye screening equipment. Parents
    must sign & complete a form for permission to screen their child.  (Click
    here to print permission form.) Each child, must bring this form to the
    Park to receive screening.
    Please call and register at the number(s) below, providing us with your
    name, school name, and number of students attending, thus providing us
    with the number of pumpkins needed. Pumpkins will be available for each
    child upon departure.  Also, when it is time to return to school there is a PA
    system to announce your school and/or the name of that wayward student.

    The West Virginia Pumpklin Festival encourages you to attend this year
    festival.  It is fun and most important, it is educational.

    Becky Cooper
    School Days Chairperson
    304.743.9159  or  304.544.5392

    Additional questions? Call WV Pumpkin Park 304-743-8774

    The FIREFIGHTER SHOW is family oriented, educational
    and entertaining. Some lucky audience members get to
    be the firefighters while all the students are
    encouraged to practice the life saving skills of  "don't
    hide, get outside" and "crawl low, under smoke", etc.

    A zipline is a cable that
    stretches from a higher point
    to a lower point. How does a
    zipline work? What is a pully
    system? What role does
    gravity play?
                    OCTOBER 5, 6, 7, 8, 2017
               "PUMPKIN ROAD TAKE ME HOME"

This year special guest will be Smoky Bear
Glass Blowing / Glass Making
Soil Conservation Trailer (Simulated Underground experience)
National Guards  Obstacle Course
Jurassic Kingdom
Frontier Furniture Making
Firefighter Show
Living History Encampment, covering historical time 1755 - 1890.   
The West Augusta Volunteers are a group of men and women who share a           
common interest in the History and Heritage of Pioneer America.  Their clothing,
personal items, guns, and food are those used from 1750-1890’s.  
There will be a trading post with items for sale of this period of time.  
The Largest Traveling Museum of Guns will be on display.  
Some of the demonstrations in the Camp will be broom making, display of furs,       
flute playing, cast iron cooking, lye soap making, Apple press and Apple cinder,    
working telegraph, Civil War soldier and many others.  There will be storytellers
(enactors) of historical figures
Story Telling
Valley Exotics Zoo
Petting Zoo
Super Heroes (positive/uplifting and anti bullying)
Old Time Crafts
Weaving Demonstrations (with student hands on experience)
Maple syrup making
Chain saw carving
Red Cross
Agricultural Tent, crop growing, cow milking, bee tending, etc.
Arts and Craft area
School Bus on safe transportation instruction
Very important demonstration/instruction, EMT’s on how to handle and dispose of used needles.  
Frontier Furniture Making
Mug weaving (Mug A Rug)
Flue demonstration and playing
Jurassic Kingdom is the newest  show in Prehistoric History
Reading Room
Firefighter Show that is inspiring the next generation of heroes
Super Heroes lessons on bullying
Writing Across the Curriculum (Describing Activities of Day)
Blacksmithing (presentation about the importance of the Blacksmith to early America)
Story Telling
Birds of Prey (Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl, Red Tailed Hawk, and Perigee Falcon)          
Questions answered.
Lye soap making (cooked in a cast iron kettle over an open fire)
Cast iron cooking over open fire as pioneer performed
Apple Butter Making (cooked in a large cooper kettle over an open fire)
Exotic Petting Zoo with a baby kangaroos
Stagecoach (Real 100 plus year old stagecoach with a history presentation )
Spinning and weaving (Wool made into cloth)
Grist mill (Whole kernel corn made into corn meal)
Chainsaw Carver (Demonstration of birds or animals made from blocks of wood)
Growth of Fruits & Vegetables Exhibit
Helicopter Rides & Remote Helicopter Demonstrations
Pumpkins for home (preschool through 5th grade
Old Time Crafts
Smaller Children's Play Area
Living Statue
Hay Pyramid and Maze
Pumpkin Hill slide
Photo Cut Outs (BYO Cameras)
Cow Milking (West Virginia Agriculture)
Chicken Egg Laying (West Virginia Agriculture)
Lions Club performing eye examination
Assortment of Inflammables    
Bungee Jumping
Various Musical Groups
Various Art and Craft Demonstrations
Honey Making Bees
AND Many other educational activities

Firefighter show:  Entertainment with a message, this is a program that plays off of every child's
curiosity to one day become a firefighter.  What comes off as entertaining and fun today may save a
life in the future.  This will teach the children about safety and firefighting, and entertain them as

Valley Exotics Zoo:  This is not only a zoo and petting zoo, but is also an educational operation as
well.  The children will be able to learn about various animals and their habitats, along with
experiencing 'hands on' interaction that they would not normally experience in a lifetime.

Super Heroes:  Heroes will share presentations throughout the day, delivering messages that will
include positive and uplifting stories, as well as teaching them about bullying and other areas that
need to be worked on in their lives today.

In addition, we will have several other areas that will have educational and historical value to the
kids--see the site for all of the additional regular operations such as birds of prey, weaving, apple
butter, gristmill, frontier days, and others too numerous to mention.

Come and join us at this year "Pumpkin Road Take Me Home" West Virginia Pumpkin Festival
               ''A New Interactive Experience in History''
Jurassic Kingdom is the newest show in prehistoric history ! As our guest watch they
travel along with the host back into prehistoric times to witness and learn first-hand what
life was like thousands of years ago. From fossils, to witnessing what it would have been
like to see  a dinosaur hatch from the egg , to seeing juvenile dinos, to a full grown 13' tall
life-size walking , and growling Tyrannosaurs Rex!  No other program even comes close to
Jurassic Kingdom's full family show with something for the entire family!